Where are my instant downloads graphic by Jenny Gollan Designs.

Your Printable Might Be in Junk Mail

Where is your Printable Download Link Email?

I’ve been receiving a few emails from people recently asking when they will receive their Instant Download printable email from Jenny Gollan Designs after purchasing something or grabbing one of the many free printables from the Shop and Gallery.

Where are my instant downloads graphic by Jenny Gollan Designs.

The answer is simple – If you haven’t received your instant download printable file links in your email inbox immediately after purchasing, the email from Jenny Gollan Designs will be in your Junk or Spam email folder.

Why Is This Happening?

The shopping cart process is automated but unfortunately, from time to time, emails from my website end up in your junk mail. It might be to do with your email provider or your computer’s security settings.

How To Avoid It Happening

Very simply, add jennygollandesigns@gmail.com to your safe sender list. Add us to your accepted email addresses and you will find your printable download links and, if you’re a Newsletter Subscriber, you won’t miss a single Freebie or discount Coupon Code.

Heres  great article by The Times Higher Education that explains how to add an email address to your safe sender list: ARTICLE HERE.

Add us to your safe sender list by Jenny Gollan designs

The same applies if you have subscribed to the Monthly Newsletter – Make sure to add Jenny Gollan Designs to your safe sender list or you could miss out on Subscriber Only content, the latest freebies and Discount Coupon Codes.

Newsletter Subscribers receive 50% off my colouring books for adults along with lots of other goodies.

If you’d like to subscribe, simply click on the Sign Up form below. Newsletters are now only sent out once a month.

50% off colouring books for Newsletter Subscribers

Existing Subscribers

Simply use the same Coupon Code that you received in the last Newlsetter or when you subscribed. If you can’t remember it, please contact me and, when I find your name on the subscribers list, I will email the code to you.

New Subscribers

Simply subscribe by clicking on the form below. Your 50% off coupon code will arrive in your welcome email. This is what is known as a double opt-in subscription, so you will have to click on the email from Jenny Gollan Designs in your email inbox to confirm.

Please be sure to enter your email address correctly and, if you don’t see the email in your inbox – check your Junk mail folder.

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