2017 Colouring Calendar Competition

2017 colouring calendar, colour in calendr 2017

Colouring Calendar!

*EDIT* Competion over.

Enter for your chance to win the 2017 Colouring Calendar.

2017 colouring calendar, colour in calendr 2017


This year’s Colouring Calendar was a huge hit worldwide and I’m sure you’re going to love colouring in the 2017 calendar every bit as much!

I’m running a competition on Facebook for your chance to win the printed Artist’s Edition version of the 2017 Colouring Calendar.

If you can’t wait or would simply like to  buy the instant download printable pdf version of the calendar, it’s available available HERE.

Entering is completely FREE and couldn’t be easier.

What Will You Win?

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The 2016 Colouring Calendar Sale

2016 Colouring Calendar by Jenny Gollan Designs

The 2016 Colouring Calendar is on sale!

Here’s a really quick post from me today. I want to let you know that the 2016 Colouring Calendar is on sale for a very limited time!

We’re over half way through 2016 now so I’m giving you the chance to grab the calendar before it’s removed from the website altogether.

Customers can purchase the Colouring Calendar in the online store.

Scroll down this page for the product link and more information

This year’s calendar has been a huge hit worldwide and I’ve been getting some absolutely gorgeous coloured pages sent to me on Facebook at Jenny Gollan Designs.

Here is an example of some of the colour I’ve been enjoying.

2016 Colouring Calendar by Jenny Gollan designs. Colour in monthly pages and the front cover.

These beautiful coloured images were sent to me by Australian colourist, Cindy Hitch.

Check out the 2016 Colouring Calendar HERE.

There are plenty more examples of the monthly pages in the Colour Gallery photo album on the Facebook page if you need any inspiration.

The 2017 Colouring Calendar is nearly ready!

And remember that my Newsletter subscribers are the first to hear about new releases.

Plus they also receive a Coupon Code discount for the Calendars and all Adult Colouring Books in my online shop.

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Beautiful Designs Adult Colouring Book

An example image of adult colouring book beautiful designs printable colouring book instant download

Have you had a chance to check out my third adult colouring book Beautiful Designs yet?

My Newsletter Subscribers were the first to hear about it and they got their 50% Coupon Code as my thank you to them for  all of their support. Scroll down this page if you’d like to Subscribe and receive the 50% off Coupon Code for all of my books.

I also announce all of the latest designs, discounts and FREEBIES on my Facebook page so, if you’re on Facebook, click on over to Jenny Gollan Designs to stay up to date with all the latest tips, tricks, designs and of course the Freebie Friday colouring pages.

Click on the the image below to see what’s inside Beautiful Designs in this quick book flip video!

An example image of adult colouring book beautiful designs printable colouring book instant download

Beautiful Designs Colouring Book for adults – the DIY print at home version is an instant download and print PDF colouring book.

20 brand new beautiful designs to colour! This book has been getting some lovely feedback in the Etsy store and it’s now available here. So many different pages to colour, simply grab your pencils, pens or markers and unleash your colouring fabulousness!!

BuyNowButton adult colouring book Beautiful Designs by Jenny Gollan

Why Chose a Printable Colouring Book over a shop bought book?

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Printable Adult Colouring Books and Pages

Printable adult colouring books and pages by Jenny Gollan studio designs on etsy

I ADORE creating printable adult colouring books and pages! And if creating them isn’t fun enough, the joy I feel when people send me photos of their finished coloured pages is inexplicable. I’m really enjoying forming new friendships with my Facebook page followers and it has become a wonderful community of creative, colour loving people. Heaven on a stick.

Printable adult colouring pages and books on Etsy

After contemplating building and launching an Etsy store to sell my printable adult colouring books and pages for about a year, I finally bit the bullet and opened the doors last week! I had a ball designing the simple store Header Image (image above) and populating my page with my latest colouring pages along with some of my best selling books and pages.

What has surprised and thrilled me most of all is that

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Blending Tips for Colour Pencils

colour pencil blending tips

If I could name one question that I’m asked more often than any other regarding colour pencil art, it would be about the best blending tips for colour pencils.

colour pencil blending tips

‘Cherries’ pencil painting (in the photo above) – Prismacolor Premier pencils on artists cartridge paper.

Improving your blending skills can make a HUGE difference to your coloured pencil pages for eye popping or smoother results. Let’s take a look at my top tips for colour pencil blending.

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Colour In Christmas Cards and Calendar

Colouring Christmas cards printable templates

If you’d love to colour in your own Christmas cards for friends and family this year or you’d like to colour in a 2016 Calendar, you’ve come to the right place! This year I have a collection of instant download Christmas printable goodies for you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them for you.

1. 8 x Colouring Christmas Cards Set plus a FREE matching envelope template.

Simply click on the image below to check out the Colouring Christmas Cards Set. This instant download includes 8 brand new ‘Colour Your Own’ Christmas card printable templates and comes with a bonus free matching envelope.

Colour in Christmas card printables templates instant download

view colouring card set in payhip button

2. 2016 Colouring Calendar printable

For yourself or for someone you know who LOVES colouring in! Only launched one week ago and already a favourite with colourists around the world, the 2016 Colouring Calendar is an instant download printable and includes a new colouring page for each month plus the front cover.

Colour a 2016 Calendar instant download printable pages

The Colouring Calendar is available in your choice of 2 printable sizes – The A4 printable and the Large A3.

colouring calendar 2016 view on payhip button

Or Instant Download the LARGE A3 Printable Version HERE

Some examples of the beautiful coloured Calendar pages by Facebook fans.

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Mandala Designs book Launched!

Mandala Designs colouring book for adults colouring competition

Brand new, Mandala Designs Colouring Book for Adults is now available in the store!

Mandala Designs as an instant download PDF eBook. Download, print and colour!

And the best thing about buying a colouring book as a PDF download? You can print each page as many times as you like!

Better still, my Newsletter subscribers get any of my books for 50% off! Scroll down to get your discount.

Mandala Designs colouring book for adults colouring competition

Click on the image above to check out Mandala Designs in the store.

You will receive all 3 printable file sizes for the price of one in your download:

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October Colouring Competition

Colouring competition for Facebook

This is a blog post in a hurry! I have just launched a colouring competition on my Facebook page, the October Colouring Competition and I promised to have links to the FREE colouring pages here on my website.

Colour to Win!

Enter as often as you like, pick from either or both of the free colouring pages from my Google Drive folder (click on the image or the link below) and upload your photos directly to the October Colouring Competition photo album on the Jenny Gollan Designs Facebook page.

Colouring competition for Facebook


Click HERE to download your free colouring pages.

You will receive 2 different colouring pages in three sizes each:

  • A4
  • A3
  • Letter

The Google Drive folder also includes directions on how to enter, the competition cutoff date and when the winner will be announced. We print at home on A4 typically here in Australia but, if you have access to an A3 printer, you can opt for the larger A3 size. I’m fairly certain that the Letter size is used most commonly in the U.S. on home printers.

What Should You Use to Colour In With?

That is entirely up to you. You may use whatever you’re most comfortable with – pencils, pens, gel pens, markers, crayons or all of the above.

Enter one of the drawings or both and don’t forget to invite you’re friends to cheer you on with a Like for more chances to win.

The Prize!

The entrant with the most Likes on their photo in my Facebook photo album wins a free copy of my upcoming colouring book for adults, Mandala Designs. My colouring books are instant download and print pages full of original, digitally hand drawn colouring pages. I think you’ll like them 🙂

The Winner will be announced on the 31st of October, 2015 and contacted by a private message on Facebook.
Mandala Designs colouring book for adults colouring competition


So …. grab your free colouring pages and, once you’re ready, upload them to Jenny Gollan Designs on Facebook. You’ll find a link to my Facebook page here on the right side of this website. Be sure to give the page a Like while you’re there for more competitions, freebies and discounts.

Happy colouring!


Colouring Book Launched

Colouring Book for Adults printable Exotic Designs. Instant download.

Exotic Designs Colouring Book for Adults is now available in the store!

I’m thrilled to announce that I launched Exotic Designs as an instant download PDF eBook last week and it has now been downloaded by people from all around the world!

And the best thing about buying a colouring book as a PDF download? You can print each page as many times as you like! Better still, my Newsletter subscribers get any of my books for 50% off! Scroll down to get your discount.

Colouring Book for Adults printable Exotic Designs. Instant download.

Most of the colouring books available in shops and online have drawings on both sides of each page.

I have read a lot of customer reviews for these books online and that is the one thing that irks most people. When you colour a page with your pencils, gel pens (or whichever colouring  tool you choose), it ruins the drawing on the back of the same page. That makes it harder to get good colouring results on either the first or the second drawing.

When you print my book, you can print each drawing on an individual page (or have it printed for you at a larger size). And you can print the colouring pages at home on art paper!

Here’s a sneaky peak look inside the pages of Exotic Designs as a one minute slideshow on my YouTube channel.


You Have Paper Choices for Printing at Home

  1. Regular copy paper.
  2. Drawing pad paper, cut down to size to feed through your printer (or buy an A4 or A3 drawing (cartridge paper pad).
  3. Watercolour paper, cut down to size to feed through your printer (or buy an A4 or Large A3 watercolour pad).


Colouring book for adults Exotic Designs by Jenny Gollan instant download

Available in 3 PDF sizes.

Choose yours depending on your printer requirements.

SMALL – You receive both the A4 and the U.S. Letter printable sizes in one purchase.

In Australia we commonly print in A4 paper in our home printers. In the U.S. the Letter size is more commonly used. You receive both book files but please choose carefully before you print your book.

LARGE – You receive the large A3 PDF printable size.

Many people have access to the large A3 printers in their work offices. If you would prefer to print the larger size but you don’t have access to an A3 printer, you could always take the file to your favourite local print service and request and A3 print size.

The following images are courtesy of Slavenian artist, Mojca Fabjan, who sent me these photos of her colouring work on my Peacock and Goddess drawings from the Exotic Designs book. Mojca featured these drawings on her blog HERE.

My Peacock drawing Exotic Designs coloured by Mojca
















  • Simply download and save to your computer.
  • Open the PDF and print the pages on copy paper, drawing paper or watercolour paper.
  • Grab your pencils and colour!

I have printed my PDF book AND coloured it in using simple copy paper through my inexpensive home printer and it works perfectly. I’ve also printed it at home on both watercolour paper and drawing cartridge paper. Both printed out with magnificent results. So …. you’re not limited to the quality of the end result. Experiment with paper types because you can. As I mentioned earlier, you can print each page as often as you like.

Drawing / Cartridge Paper Pads available in Australia.

Eckersleys Drawing Paper Pads
A4 and A3

Eckersley’s Cartridge Pad 20% OFF

This pad contains premium cartridge drawing and sketching paper. Suitable for use with dry media such as pencils, charcoals, crayons, chalks and sketching pencils.
Each pad contains 50 sheets of 110gsm acid free cartridge paper.

Watercolour Paper Pads available in Australia at:

A4 Watercolour Paper Pads at Officeworks.
Ideal for use with water colour paints, water colour pencils and light wash.
The Reeves Water Colour A4 size pad contains 12 sheets of 300gsm paper. Acid Free.


Already selling like hot cakes all around the world? Grab your instant download copy now or Subscribe to the Newsletter for your 50% off coupon code in the next Newsletter.

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Colouring Book For Adults

Colouring book for adults Exotic Designs by Jenny Gollan. Printable instant download.

If you already follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest … you know that I’ve been working on a whole set of drawings for my very first Colouring Book for Adults! I’ve named my book Exotic Designs and it’s full of intricate hand drawn artwork and zentangle designs.

I’m so excited about the launch! I’m drawing like a woman possessed every minute of the day and only have a couple of pages to complete before I make it available to the public as an instant download and print eBook.

Why are so many adults taking up colouring in?

I’ve listed a few health benefits below but in short, colouring has a de-stressing effect and many psychologists are now recommending colouring in as a brilliant relaxation technique.

Below is a sneaky peak look at the ebook cover and one of the colouring pages that will be in my first, brand new colouring book for adults.

Colouring book for adults Exotic Designs by Jenny Gollan. Printable instant download.

Want to be first to hear about the book launch?

If you’d like to be one of the first to hear about the launch, you can either join me on Facebook, follow me on Pinterest or Instagram or better still … subscribe to my FREE Newsletter to get this eBook for half price. My subscribers only receive two Newsletters per month but they are always full of freebies, discount coupons and all the latest colour news. Another way is to subscribe to this blog, where your comments are always welcome.

Colouring book for adults zentangle drawing process by Jenny Gollan.

Why colouring in is good for your health!

There are SO many reasons why you can benefit from colouring books. Physiologists from all around the world are now extolling the virtues for your mental, physical and emotional health by simply colouring in.

Not only does it help you to distress and focus, apparently it also ignites areas of the brain that we used as children but lost somewhere along the way as we became responsible, working, bill-paying adults.

  • Calming, destressing.
  • Aids sufferers of Depression.
  • Promotes general well-being and quietness.
  • Stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity.

Colouring book for adults by Jenny Gollan. Peacock print and colour. Printable.

I am having SO much fun creating these colouring pages that I know that it will be just the first of many colouring books. Of course, there’s no reason why your children wouldn’t enjoy colouring them in every bit as much as you will. But for now, because I know just how beneficial it is for YOUR health, if you haven’t already started colouring in …. I’m encouraging you to start playing with some colour. You’ll love it, I know you will!

Colouring book for adults. This book belongs to printable by Jenny Gollan Designs.

The best part about my Colouring for Adults eBooks is that once you have downloaded the pages, you have them forever and you can print them off as often as you like. And if you just LOVE one of your creations, you can pop it in a frame and hang it on your wall or give it to someone special as a gift.

I’m creating my colouring pages eBooks in two different sizes:

  • US Letter size, typically print at home size in the US.
  • A4 paper size, which we use on our home printers here in Australia.

It couldn’t be easier.

  • You’ll be able to download the entire book of zentangle art colouring designs in both sizes (US Letter and A4).
  • Save to your computer or tablet, ipad, phone camera roll.
  • Print on your home computer using regular printer paper or cut some drawing paper to fit your home printer paper requirements.
  • Grab your colouring pencils and start colouring!

Showcase Your Talents!

If you’re loving your beautiful colouring artwork – upload them to my Jenny Gollan Designs facebook page so I can show you off. 🙂

If you’re not on Facebook but you’d like me to show off your work for you, simply email a photo of your beautiful colouring skills and I will display them here on the website for you.

Want your Exotic Designs colouring book for half price?

Simply subscribe to my free newsletter by August 2015 and you’ll receive the 50% off Coupon Code in your next Newsletter.

Easy and free subscribe by clicking on the image below. Don’t worry about getting a tonne of spam emails from me ….. I hate spam as much as you do. I only ever send 2 Newsletter emails to my subscribers a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Subscribe Widget by Jenny Gollan

Are you already into colouring in? I’d love to hear about how it makes you feel, why you love it or how it has helped you mentally, physically or emotionally.

See you back here soon!